Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Back in the summer, I thought I would take part in this. I took the first few easy photos, saved them, and then went off and did lots of other things instead. So the list was never completed.
It's probably too late now to join the linky, but here are those few that I found.

No 4 zigzag

from a notebook cover

No 10 something yellow

The border in my mum's back garden

No 16 a baby

GD5 when she was only 4 months old

No 19 a foot

GD5's 4 month old foot

No 20 something found underground

It says it's underground, but from where I'm standing it looks very much above ground!!

Well that's my lot. I understand from Eileen that there is to be a Winter Scavenger Hunt, so watch this space.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Week thirty six


While ex-hurricane Ophelia made her way towards Andover she picked up rather a lot of Saharan sand and decided to drop some of it on my lovely clean car


When ex-hurricane Ophelia actually arrived it was a bit breezy, as you can see by the inclination of the newish bushes at the front of my house.


My newest mug, looking very much like GD1


The old (only two and a half years!) hob that was fitted as new when the house was built has blown up, and a new one has been fitted - hope it lasts a bit longer!


My future daughter-in-law has this family tree on her bedroom wall, there are also a couple of names on there that I recognise from my long-ago past, small world.


Another beautiful spot in Wiltshire where it's nice to break a journey for a few moments of quiet contemplation.


A floating garden barge on the River Avon at Bristol.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Week thirty five


I absolutely love this spot, it is my very own chill-out space.


Say hello to Natalya, the latest addition to the household.


I went with EG to a wedding fair and to have a look at the place she and GO have booked for their wedding and reception, it was a fabulous place, with loads of interesting oddities, this iron horse being one of them.


Isn't this room just gorgeous?


Thank you Maisie, you've served me well. Still the family workhorse - no green pastures for you.


This, just as I parked up outside DO and JP's house.


Having lunch with the lovely Japanese members of my family - my eldest son, his wife, their two children and his mother-in-law.


 Yum, yum.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Week thiry four, the third and final part of our walk around Augusta Park


Heading homewards


These fairy circles appear round several of the trees


The hedge on the right hand side of the photo separates this footpath from the route of the old Roman Road, Ermyn Way.


This green area is in front of my home . . .


. . . as is this row of newly planted trees and bushes,


. . .  and there is my home, the tile-hung house in the centre of the row of three.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Week thirty three, continuing our walk

Last week I showed you lots of the green spaces around Augusta Park, so this week as we continue our walk we are going to look at some other stuff as well


Glimpsing some of the houses behind this group of mature trees


At first I thought this building in progress might be our promised pub, but no, it is a care home of some sort, although as yet I have no idea of the category of people who will be housed here.


This is where our local shop will be, I understand it is to be a Co-op store.


The local infant school, up and running for a while now, and already there are talks of expansion.


The Community Centre. Augusta Park has a thriving community with lots going on here. I've voted here, taken GD5 to both toddler group and music sessions, and attended a yoga session. Sadly the yoga sessions take place on a wednesday morning so I can't always attend as I am often out of county with GD5.


The Community Centre is behind us and we are on the return leg of our walk. More open green space to cross first.


The next phase of the development is in preparation inside this compound.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Week thirty two, in which we take a walk

If you read my last post (here) you will already know that I live on a relatively new housing estate. Although the houses are all jammed in together as close as close can be, there is also a lot of green open space surrounding and breaking up the areas of dense housing, so I let's have a look, shall we?









Please come back next week and I'll show you some more shots from our walk.

Friday, 29 September 2017

A Roman connection

My new home is located on the edge of a very large new development called Augusta Park. The sub-division that I live in is called The Chariots. There is a valid reason for these names. Two old Roman Roads, Portway, which ran from London to Dorchester and Ermin Way, which ran from Winchester to Cirencester, both skirt the development and cross at this point here in East Anton.

The road immediately on the left, Icknield Way, runs along the route of the old Ermin Way, and passes within 20 yards of my home. As the location of my home was a building site less than three years ago, I guess it's very unlikely that I shall find any Roman artefacts, but that won't stop me keeping an eye open when I'm gardening.